No. 1:

The 2x2”cube

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Clear Ice for NYC

Since 2014 Mixology Ice team has worked to make the use and consumption of clear ice an affordable standard instead of the so far luxury item approach.

With than vision powering continuous innovation, a new patented retail packaging has made it possible that vital logistics connecting the factory and your home to be a reality.

Enjoying better ice is now possible, just order and enjoy!


No. 2:
2.5”Ice spheres

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The best water

Using 5 steps filtered water, our clear ice comes from water that has no sediments, solids or minerals.

Reverse Osmosis, Charcoal, Gel membrane, UV lamp and Ozone box are the line up to kill bacteria and soften the water to make it odorless and tasteless, ideal for cocktail making.

No. 3:

5” Collins

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The Founders

Fabian Alvarez and Carlos Leal lead a team of 8 running operations from Miami to NYC thru the center and East Coast. Pursuing a new standard in clear ice manufacturing and distribution they have managed