Just wanted to say again what a pleasure it was to work with you. Your ice was an absolute hit! Looking forward to working with you again in the near future.

Leader in Ice Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution

Mixology Ice’s vision is centered around satisfying the growing demand of clear ice in the US with special focus on retail. They have registered patents on retail solutions and design machinery to process large quantities of their clear ice product. Mixology Ice has grown into the largest self sustained US clear facility with more than 25 tons of clear ice per month. This ice is transformed and cut into 2x2” ice cubes, 2.5” ice spheres and 13 other tailored cuts every single day.

The Mixology Team

Mixology Ice is made up of a team of 8 incredibly talented individuals. Lead by the owners Fabian and Carlos, this humble organization works around the clock 365 days a year to serve its many high profile clients. These clients range from high end hotels, bars, and private clients with a need for clear ice.

Last year Mixology Ice sold a record number of clear ice, over half a million pieces through its operations in South Florida and NYC. This success has only motivated them to strive for more in 2019! Mixology Ice is expanding its market and wants to talk to you about how they can improve your business.

100% Artisanal & 100% Tech Oriented

With a deep respect to the industries fundamentals and the use of high quality industrially filtered water, Mixology Ice manufactures clear ice blocks for daily harvest. This raw material is refined into Ice spheres and cubes of all sizes to meet local and national demand.

With a trial and error philosophy and approach, Mixology Ice self designed fully automated machinery perfect for refining daily operations and solving current industry challenges with a focus on efficiency and scalability.